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How can a business benefit from working with outside counsel on immigration matters?

U.S. immigration law is complex, dynamic and ever-changing.

Businesses of all sizes across the country need advice from professionals with deep expertise to develop, operate and execute their employment-based immigration plan.

Below are some benefits businesses can experience from hiring outside counsel to manage their immigration strategy:

Industry-leading expertise

Outside counsel has access to emerging trends and experience in strategically approaching immigration requirements in an effective and cost-efficient manner.

For example, the 10 attorneys at Garfinkel Immigration Law Firm have dedicated their entire careers to the specific practice of immigration law, resulting in deep and unique expertise in the ever-evolving regulatory framework. Four of the firm’s lawyers are N.C. Board Certified Immigration Law Specialists, the highest level of specialization attainable in the state.

Garfinkel Immigration is also a member institution of the prestigious Alliance of Business Immigration Lawyers (ABIL) – which associates the firm with some of the most recognized, influential and connected business immigration practitioners in the world – as well as the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), an organization that provides direct insight and influence on immigration policies and best practices.

With decades of experience maneuvering clients through nuanced legal terrain, the attorneys at Garfinkel Immigration regularly develop creative legal solutions and client-focused strategies while serving as outside counsel for Fortune 100 corporations, foreign companies and numerous small businesses.

Long- and short-term planning

Globalization and technological innovation have changed the world. People are the engines and drivers of change. Businesses rely on bringing the best minds to the table.

Outside immigration counsel can partner with businesses to ensure access to top talent from across the world.

Experienced immigration counsel can optimize internal policies and approaches to hiring foreign nationals through:

  • Proactive case management and transparent communications to preemptively avoid surprises
  • Monthly calls with HR Managers/Immigration Coordinators to review status of cases, policies and/or other business issues and challenges
  • Proactively managing expirations by contacting HR Managers/Immigration Coordinators with months of lead time
  • Conducting site visits, training HR Managers and holding internal compliance audits to reduce risk

Outside counsel with deep expertise in the field can also develop effective and forward-looking strategies to meet business requirements.

It’s a partnership

Outside immigration counsel can provide proactive representation, timely case preparation, and a personal, customized approach to meet the needs of businesses and their employees.

Immigration attorneys and paralegals communicate with employees, respond to inquiries and gather employee documents to reduce demand on the company. They also directly communicate with and coach employees in preparation for their green card and visa interviews.

Outside counsel can also work closely with HR managers/Immigration Coordinators to review and further define company policies, procedures and best practices to reduce compliance risk.

Additionally, there is usually consistent and candid communication aimed at optimizing internal policies and approaches to hiring foreign nationals.

Predictable and transparent expenses

Unexpected expenses and costs are always a concern for businesses of all sizes.

Some firms either charge by the hour or per process. Others, such as Garfinkel Immigration Law Firm, take a different approach. Garfinkel typically uses a flat rate fee structure, which affords greater transparency and enables companies to plan expenses more accurately and without surprises.

The flat fee structure usually includes:

  • Consultation costs, preparation and filing, visa evaluations and visa processing
  • Portability reviews, consular processing and green card interview advice, onsite training and audits
  • Regular interaction and strategic planning via monthly meetings and site visits, as necessary
  • Customized reporting, training, seminars and webinars for both HR staff and employees
  • Ready access to a dedicated team of top attorneys and paralegals

The flat rate fee structure helps businesses preemptively avoid surprises and is oriented toward service and efficiency. For more information, please contact Garfinkel Immigration Law Firm.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact Garfinkel Immigration Law Firm at 704-442-8000 or via email with any questions.

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