Immigration Issues For The Employer

Garfinkel Immigration Law Firm is the largest law firm in Charlotte and one of the largest law firms in the Southeastern U.S. dedicated exclusively to this area of law. We represent foreign companies, Fortune 100 U.S. companies and a host of small businesses.

With decades of experience, our team of board-certified immigration law specialists, attorneys and staff have built a respected reputation for assisting employers with:

We also provide  global visa solutions, offer immigration tips for foreign-owned companies and assist clients with workforce compliance issues. In addition, we are available to answer questions for HR professionals about processing visa paperwork, developing an immigration policy and other matters.

Hiring A Foreign National Employee

Employers may not know what type of visa is required for a particular candidate or whether a candidate possesses the appropriate documentation for employment. Typically, the recruiter finds out either before, during or after the hiring process is completed that a foreign national needs immigration assistance. Our law firm can help sort through these issues.

When hiring a foreign national, employers may want to discuss the following questions with our experienced immigration counsel:

  • Is the position short or long term?
  • What are the educational and experiential requirements for the position?
  • How long will it take to obtain the visa and employment permission?
  • Who is responsible for the legal fees and costs associated with the visa?
  • Does the visa of choice allow the employee to live in the U.S. permanently?
  • Does the visa of choice permit unrestricted travel permission?
  • Does the visa of choice allow a spouse to work?
  • Is spousal work authorization a priority for the candidate?

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