Global Visa Solutions

Garfinkel Immigration Law Firm assists multinational companies with their immigration matters by coordinating global visas for employees.

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Our firm has over a decade of experience in obtaining visas for international transfers. We understand when to contact local counsel and when to process the visa from within the U.S. We understand that each country has its own set of immigration requirements and that those requirements differ depending on the purpose of the stay, its anticipated duration and the employee’s nationality. Our attorneys work frequently work closely with in-house counsel, relocation specialists, and human resources professionals to develop an outbound immigration that works well for the employer and their employees.

As with U.S. immigration law, a myriad of categories of temporary work permits or temporary work visas for foreign nationals are available and vary from country to country. Typically, two to three government ministries or agencies are involved in the temporary work permit process. Favored treatment often exists for international intra-company and affiliate cross-border transfers of key personnel. Our firm can help determine what temporary work permit and visa options are most appropriate for newly hired international workers, the procedures used to obtain a temporary work permit and the conditions or restrictions that apply to the sponsoring employer and employee beneficiary. For those workers seeking permanent residence abroad, we can help determine the best methods for a successful outcome understanding that countries may give special consideration for persons of certain nationalities.

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