Processing Visa Paperwork

Processing the Immigration Forms

In order to begin the process of filing a petition for a prospective/current employee, please contact one of our attorneys. S/he can discuss the proposed position and its requirements to determine the appropriate visa type and send an e-mail stating:

1. The proposed immigration strategy;
2. The information needed;
3. A contract (if applicable); and
4. An outline of expenses.

Once retained to assist, we can begin working directly with the prospective/current employee.

The employee will be sent an e-mail listing the documents needed. S/he will be instructed to log onto our website and complete the relevant questionnaire. Once the employee submits the questionnaire, this data is loaded into our database, and we can begin preparing the application materials.

Typically, we e-mail draft forms and ask that they be printed, reviewed and signed using BLUE ink. The USCIS will not accept documents signed in BLACK ink or forms that appear to have been photocopied.

Within one to two weeks (unless the petition is filed with a request to Premium Process), a receipt notice is issued by the USCIS. We can scan and e-mail a copy of this receipt to you and your candidate. We can also notify the parties involved when the petition is approved.

In some cases, the USCIS will issue a Request for Additional Evidence ("RFE"). The RFE is usually sent directly to our law firm. Our firm is often able to prepare a response without additional assistance, however, sometimes we may need to collaborate.

If we anticipate an RFE on the petition filed on behalf of the employee, we can advise of such prior to filing the petition.

Once we receive the approval notice, we can overnight the approval to the employee. We can send an electronic copy of the mailing for recordkeeping.

Each visa type has its own set of requirements. For this reason, an Attorney can confirm in an e-mail what specific information is required to proceed with the petition. Generally, the following is required:

1. Job title for the position offered;
2. Job description;
3. Salary offered and Salary Range for the position;
4. Minimum requirements for the position;
5. Full mailing address of the work site location;
6. Full legal name of the employing entity;
7. Federal Tax ID number of the employing entity;
8. Name, title, full mailing address, e-mail, and phone number of the hiring manager;
9. Name, title, full mailing address, e-mail, and phone number of the HR contact or recruiter;
10. Individual with signature authority (HR or manager);
11. Anticipated start date.