How long will it delay my case?

An RFE notice will include the date by which the required information is due. Generally, you will be given from thirty to ninety days to respond. The staff at Garfinkel Immigration will work quickly to respond to your RFE in a timely and thorough manner, guiding you in collecting all requisite information and compiling it in a manner that clearly fulfills the immigration officer's request. The amount of time USCIS spends processing returned RFE's will vary from case to case and, unfortunately, is difficult to predict. However, you may typically expect further action on your immigration matter within sixty days. If your original immigration matter was submitted with a request for premium processing, your corresponding RFE will be decided on a premium processing timeline. However, your final decision is guaranteed within fifteen days of the day from which your RFE response is received, rather than within fifteen days from the receipt of your original immigration package.

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