I put something wrong/incomplete on my questionnaire. Will this affect my visa application?

Responses you provide to our questionnaire are for our internal use and review. However, failure to provide complete, correct, and truthful responses can negatively impact your case. You should contact our firm immediately to correct any errors or admissions. Additionally, it is within the U.S. embassy/consulate's discretion to deny a visa application if your DS-160 contains errors or is incomplete. If your application was submitted after April 1, 2010, you may reopen your application to correct any errors. To do so, you will need to enter your application ID number and answer several prompted questions on the DS-160 website. Once you have corrected your DS-160 form, you should contact the U.S. embassy/consulate where you applied to notify them of the changes and ask for instructions specific to that embassy/consulate on the proceeding steps. If you submitted your DS-160 application before April 1, 2010, you will be unable to reopen the DS-160 and will instead need to complete and submit a new DS-160.

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