My visa application has been put into administrative processing by the consulate. What do I do?

Administrative processing will generally be completed within sixty days of the completion of the visa interview but the exact timing will vary depending on the circumstances of your case. If your application is subject to Administrative Clearance, contact our office immediately and email us any written correspondence you may have received from the consular officer. Our firm will then make an inquiry with the consulate. During the time in which your case is in administrative processing you will need to wait to hear from the Consular Officer. If you receive a request for supplemental information or documents from the Consular Officer, contact our office immediately so that we may assist with responding promptly and thoroughly. If not, you do not need to do anything until you hear from the embassy/consulate. Do not contact the consulate/embassy until at least sixty days after the date of the interview or the submission of supplemental documents, whichever is later.

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