Visa Processing and Timelines

How long does it take to get a nonimmigrant visa?

How long does it take to schedule a visa appointment at the U.S. consulate?

Do I have to apply at the U.S. consulate in my home country?

Can I apply for my visa in a country other than my home country?

Is there a procedure or instruction sheet that I can follow for my visa process in my home country?

What is the current processing time for a visa appointment/visa issuance?

How much is the visa fee?

How do I pay the visa fee?

What forms of payment does DHS take?

What application do I complete in order to obtain a nonimmigrant visa?

When can I make my appointment?

Can I schedule my appointment before submitting my DS-160 visa application?

Can someone else submit my DS-160 visa application for me?

Do I put your name on the DS-160 since you helped me? Why not?

What if I don't have a U.S. address to put on the DS-160?

My picture will not upload to the DS-160. What should I do?

I have reviewed the DS-160 nonimmigrant visa application your firm prepared. Can I now make my visa appointment?

Do my family members need to complete a visa application as well?

Do my children need to come to the appointment?

How long will my visa interview take?

What questions will they ask at the interview?

What happens if my visa application is selected for administrative processing?

My visa application has been put into administrative processing by the consulate. What do I do?

If my visa is approved, how long does it take to get my passport back?

How long will it take to get my passport back after my appointment? Can I pick it up that day?

For how long will my visa be valid?

What happens if my visa is not approved?

Can I come to the U.S. on a business trip before my work visa is issued?

Why was my visa only issued for one year?

Why does Mexico only give visas for one year?

What is visa reciprocity?

How do I renew my visa? Can I do it in the U.S.?

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