What questions will they ask at the interview?

The purpose of a visa interview is to determine whether you qualify for a visa and, if so, under what visa category you should receive your visa. The specific questions will vary but you will likely receive questions regarding your purpose for visiting the United States, how long you plan to stay in the United States, previous trips to the United States, and any family traveling with you or already living in the United States. If you are applying through a family member, be prepared to answer questions about your relationship to that individual. For example, if you are applying for a fiancé visa, you will likely receive questions about the details of your relationship - how you met, how your partner proposed, what your families' reactions to the proposal were, what the plans for the wedding are, etc. Finally, the officer may use the interview as a time to ask follow up questions to any documentation you already presented as a part of your visa application.

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