Family-Based Petition Attorneys

Numerous immigration attorneys practice law in the Carolinas, and many of these lawyers are comfortable handling simple, straightforward family-based cases. However, Garfinkel Immigration Law Firm has the expertise to effectively handle the more complex family-based petitions that may involve the U.S. provisional visa waiver program, consular processing and other sophisticated issues.

In the more challenging cases, our clients are often concerned about a potentially lengthy period of separation from their loved ones if they are required to go through consular processing outside of the U.S. Our law firm is here to help alleviate those concerns and minimize the time our clients must spend outside the U.S. In other cases, individuals have problems obtaining green cards due to previous immigration law violations. In such instances, we can advise them about pursuing a provisional waiver.

Providing Skilled Guidance From Board-Certified Lawyers

Most of our clients have never had to deal with government bureaucrats before, and the fear of the unknown can be a powerful deterrent to applying for immigration benefits on behalf of their loved ones.

Our skilled team of board-certified immigration attorneys and staff will guide you through the process, explaining what will happen and when. We will also work with you to surmount any obstacles you may encounter along the way.

As our client, you can expect thorough advice, experienced representation, streamlined processes, current technology and timely responses to your questions, whether by email, fax, phone or in-person.

Talk With Us About Your Family's Situation

If you have any questions about family-based petitions or how our lawyers can help pursue green cards for your loved ones, please contact Garfinkel Immigration Law Firm at 704-442-8000, or contact our family-based petition lawyers in Charlotte by email. During your initial consultation, we will discuss your particular needs and concerns in detail.