Consular Processing Attorneys

In-Depth Understanding Of The Processes And Procedures

Every consulate has its own processes and procedures. At Garfinkel Immigration Law Firm in North Carolina, we understand the unique nuances of the consulates' regulations and operations. Because of our firm's extensive experience in immigration law, we have worked with many different consulates around the world and gained a hands-on perspective.

We also know how to most easily contact the different consulates if one of our clients has an issue. This allows us to help resolve our clients' concerns in a timely fashion.

Numerous online agencies advertise quick, cheap help with visas. However, we are proud to offer a much higher level of attention than anything you are likely to receive from an impersonal visa service on the Internet.

Preparing You For The Consular Interview

Our goal is to ensure that you have the appropriate paperwork and documentation for the specific consulate you are planning to attend. We will also take the time to educate you about the entire process and prepare you for the consular interview so that you know what kind of questions to expect.

We want you to feel confident attending the interview. We also want you to be able to clearly articulate why you qualify for a visa. Our lawyers will coach you on what to do if the consular officer asks for additional information or is not inclined to issue a visa.

Contact Us And Learn More

If you are looking for a law firm focused on immigration law and individual client attention and service, Garfinkel Immigration Law Firm is the right choice. Please contact us to find out more about how we can serve your immigration needs. Call our consular processing lawyers in Charlotte at 704-442-8000, or contact our attorneys by email today.