Garfinkel Immigration Law Firm Web Portal Brings New Features

We are excited to introduce the following enhancements to our client web portal (Client Log In).

  • Online Document ManagerTM - Company Contacts and Individuals can now select multiple files at the same time to upload, and can add file descriptions.

Report Wizard - "Receipt Number" is now a Hyperlink to the USCIS website, where case status information is available.

Additional details and instructions about these new features are included below. Please let us know if you require any assistance or have questions or would like to provide feedback about our web portal.


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Online Document ManagerTM

You will now be able to Upload more than one file at a time when using Document Manager. (Compatible with Using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or IE v10 or above)

Tracker uploading documents

Descriptions for each file can now be customized before Uploading the files.

File upload add files

File upload description

Report Wizard

A Receipt Number Hyperlink will now take the Company Contact to the USCIS web site to view its current status when using the Web Portal Report Wizard.

Receipt number hyperlink

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