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We are one of the largest immigration practices in the Southeastern U.S., representing both individuals and businesses.

Global Visa Attorneys

At Garfinkel Immigration Law Firm in North Carolina, our lawyers have more than 85 years of combined experience in obtaining visas for international transfers. We are widely respected for providing comprehensive  global visa services, which include visas for corporate groups, expedited visas and more.

As with U.S. immigration law, myriad temporary work permits and business visitor visas are available to foreign nationals and vary by country. Typically, two to three government ministries or agencies can be involved in a temporary work permit process.

Customized Immigration Services Worldwide

In parts of Europe, Schengen visas are available, allowing the traveler to visit all member countries using a single visa. In the U.S., Canada and Mexico, NEXUS and SENTRI provide expedited processing for participating travelers. Our law firm provides updates by region for clients interested in the latest immigration developments in Africa, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Americas.

We understand that each country has its own set of immigration requirements and that those requirements differ depending on the purpose of the stay, its anticipated duration and the employee’s nationality. Our attorneys collaborate with in-house counsel, relocation specialists and human resources professionals to develop outbound immigration processes that work well for an employer and its employees.

Temporary Work Permits And Visa Options

Favored treatment often exists for international intra-company and affiliate cross-border transfers of key personnel. Our law firm can help determine what temporary work permit and visa options are most appropriate for international workers, explain application procedures and the caution as to conditions or restrictions that may apply to the sponsoring employer and employee beneficiary.

Permanent Residency Abroad

For those workers seeking permanent residence abroad, we can help determine the best methods for a successful outcome, understanding that countries may give special consideration for persons of certain nationalities.

To arrange a consultation, call our outbound visa lawyers in Charlotte, NC. Garfinkel Immigration Law Firm can be reached at 704-442-8000, or you may contact us by email.

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