Garfinkel Immigration Law Firm can take you where you want to go.

Founded in 1997, Garfinkel Immigration Law Firm is one of the largest immigration firms in the Carolinas. We are a vibrant and growing practice, representing individuals and companies of all sizes in a variety of industries. We have consistently been recognized as thought leaders and have long-standing relationships with corporate clients based on a foundation of trust and partnership.

Our staff of almost 50 professionals includes 11 attorneys, four of whom are N.C. Board Certified Immigration Law Specialists, the highest level of specialization attainable. Our attorneys have more than 100 years of aggregate experience in immigration law, and our staff is fluent or proficient in nine languages.

We combine technology with a highly personal approach that prioritizes responsiveness and customer service while empowering businesses through innovative legal solutions.

Our Vision

Globalization has changed the world, driving technological innovation and enhancing economic vitality. People are the engines and drivers of change, and businesses rely on bringing the best minds to the table. We understand that. We partner with employers to access brilliance and talent from across the world, enabling our clients to thrive in a global marketplace. We believe in what we do.

Our Mission

It’s simple. Our firm is, always has been and always will be about serving our clients. We are known for our responsiveness, our close contact, our partnership with HR managers and leadership and, of course, our effectiveness in executing the legal work. We have a personal approach, and everything we do is focused on providing high quality service to both businesses and individuals.

Our Expertise

Our expertise is based on years of practice, concentration and specialization. We know the landscape and are a member of the prestigious Alliance of Business Immigration Lawyers. We have highly experienced business and family-based immigration lawyers, access to emerging trends through a global network of experts, an individualized client engagement strategy and a superior case management system.

Client Services and Value

We have a personalized, customized and comprehensive approach to managing our clients. 

We invest substantially in our infrastructure and processes to make our interactions efficient and productive. We measure client feedback as an important tool to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Our flat fee structure offers a very competitive all-in approach to pricing.  It affords greater transparency and enables companies to plan expenses more accurately and without surprises.


We are dedicated to making a positive impact in our community.

Garfinkel Immigration Law Firm and its employees are proud to call Charlotte home.  We are dedicated to making a positive impact through service projects and by giving back via the Garfinkel Charitable Fund, which returns a portion of our profits to nonprofit organizations in the local community and nationally that reflect our core values of inclusion, equality and social and economic justice.


Garfinkel Immigration Law Firm offers competitive compensation and comprehensive benefits, along with opportunities for professional development and advancement.
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