The attorneys at Garfinkel Immigration Law Firm have more than 85 years combined experience in obtaining visas for traveling and working internationally. As with U.S. Immigration Law, many types of temporary work permits and visitor visas are available to foreign nationals and vary by country.

Many countries apply favorable treatment for international intra-company and affiliate cross-border transfers of key personnel. The Firm can help determine what temporary work permit and visa options are most appropriate, explain application procedures and identify conditions or restrictions that may apply to the sponsoring employer and employee beneficiary.

For those seeking permanent residence abroad, the Firm can help determine the best strategy for a successful outcome, understanding that countries may give special consideration for individuals of certain nationalities.

Some examples of the Firm’s global visa services include:
Applications for Foreign Work Permits

A work visa enables an individual to enter a host country to perform permitted, work-related activities for a specified time.

Each country defines permissible work activities somewhat differently and may have several categories of visas that permit work, often varying in type, requirements and/or duration. Some categories of authorized work visas may require labor market clearance to establish a shortage of host country employees, while others may be available only to those filling specific occupations or possessing certain skill sets.

Many countries require a company to maintain authorized physical operations in the host country for its employees to qualify for work visas. However, in some jurisdictions, secondment agreements and third-party employee leasing contracts may be acceptable. Some countries limit who may work in-country and may require training of local nationals in exchange for work authorization.

The outbound visa team at Garfinkel Immigration Law Firm has the expertise and experience to guide businesses and individuals through the process of applying for foreign work permits in all regions across the globe.

Visas for Corporate Groups

Business globalization has increased the number of individuals entering foreign countries to work at subsidiaries of major multinational companies. Consequently, immigration requirements, relocation and individual income tax regulations are key issues facing employers and their employees as they plan overseas business strategy. Businesses must plan carefully to successfully transfer staff from one country to another.

Partnering with experienced relocation and tax professionals, the Garfinkel Immigration Law Firm staff establishes specific expatriate goals and timelines; develops a plan of action and determines anticipated expenses with employees, HR team members and hiring managers.

Visitor Visas for Business and Travel

A business visitor visa typically enables an individual to engage in short-term business trips to a foreign host nation and requires that an individual enter that country to perform permitted activities for a specified period of time.

Additionally, Schengen visas are available in parts of Europe, which allow travelers to visit all member countries using a single visa. In the U.S., Canada and Mexico, NEXUS and SENTRI provide expedited processing for participating travelers.

Garfinkel Immigration Law Firm understands that each country has its own set of immigration requirements and that those requirements differ depending on the purpose of the stay, its anticipated duration and the individual’s nationality. The Firm’s attorneys partner with both individuals and employers to develop effective outbound immigration strategies.

Further details and information

Garfinkel Immigration Law Firm has deep expertise and years of experience advising clients about global visas.

The Firm’s outbound visa team also assists individuals and corporations with:

  • Support for Family and Dependent Permits
  • Expiration Tracking and Renewals
  • Consular Support
  • Registration and Cancellation
  • Government Liaison
  • Centralization and Corporate Policy Development
  • Document Procurement, Certification and Translation
  • Legalizations and Apostilles
  • Expedited Processing
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