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Garfinkel Immigration Law Firm launches new Education Specialty Practice Group

Garfinkel Immigration Law Firm is pleased to announce the formation of an Education Specialty Practice Group (SPG).

The new practice group will centralize and expand on the Firm’s decades of experience developing innovative legal solutions for clients in the education field, including teachers, professors, administrators and infrastructure personnel.

The group will be led by Partner William R. Hummel, who will work alongside a highly qualified team of paralegals and professional staff. They will concentrate on strategizing best immigration practices for private, public and charter schools of all sizes as well as colleges and universities in the Carolinas, the Southeast region and across the United States. Hummel and several of the team’s paralegals are fluent in Spanish.

“I am excited about the new capacity that the Education Specialty Practice Group brings to our firm,” Hummel said. “This group will consolidate our already vast expertise in the education sector and focus exclusively on guiding current and future clients in the education field through the immigration process.”

Hummel has more than 10 years of experience navigating the complex licensure requirements for professionals in the education field. He is also certified as a specialist in immigration law by the North Carolina State Bar, the highest level of specialization attainable in the state.

“Given the current teacher shortage, schools and universities are looking more and more beyond traditional methods to fill open positions,” Hummel said. “Many teaching professionals across the globe have years of experience that will be of great value in the United States. We are excited to partner with these professionals and schools to help them meet their short and long-term personnel and organizational needs. Educators change lives.”

With 12 attorneys and more than 50 experienced paralegals and administrative personnel, Garfinkel Immigration is one of the largest law firms in the Southeast United States dedicated exclusively to the practice of immigration law.

Garfinkel Immigration Law Firm builds strong relationships with its clients based on trust and performance. The Firm is known for its responsiveness, close contact, partnership with HR managers and leadership and, of course, effectiveness in executing the legal work.

Garfinkel Immigration’s top priority is providing high quality legal service to the businesses and individuals it serves.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact Garfinkel Immigration Law Firm at 704-442-8000 or via email with any questions.

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